Best Deals of Black Friday, and Giving Thanks for Platformers, Indies, and DLC


Best Deals of Black Friday, and Giving Thanks for Platformers, Indies, and DLC

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today we don the ol' Pilgrim out fit to give thanks to YOU, our lovely viewers. We've got the best deals to look out for on Black Friday, as well as some of the trends that made us thankful: namely indie games, the resurgence of the platforming genre, and quality DLC. I'm guessing Minecraft, Marvel vs Capcom, and Super Meat Boy will also be included. Have a great holiday everyone, and let us know what YOU'RE thankful for this year.

Ahoy there matey! Err, thats not right. What do Pilgrims say? Eh, whatever. Welcome to the very special Thanksgiving episode of Destructoid! We've got a veritable cornucopia of Black Friday deals sure to please any gamer in your life. We also take a break from the season's rampant consumerism to look back and give thanks for all the awesomeness we've been lucky enough to see this year.

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