Oprah goes krazy for Kinect, Professor Layton and Ace Attorney make 3d love, and Farmville sucks... your personal data

Today on Destructoid, Microsoft is shoveling piles of cash to get you to buy a Kinect, Professor Layton and Ace Attorney team up for amazing 3DS action, Farmville fans need to look out, and much much more.

Grab a beer and take off your pants, it's episode 5 for Destructoid - happy hour edition.

Story 1 - Microsoft is going to spend half a billion dollars convincing you to buy Kinect. I guess that's what happens when you're last to the motion control party... and you have mounds cash lying around.

Story 2 - Professor Layton meets Ace Attorney, in 3d! Just announced for the 3DS, a Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover game. People seem to be excited about this.

Story 3 - Farmville addicts, watch out. Apparently Zynga is violating Facebook's TOS by selling your personal data to outside ad agencies. Why hasn't this been stopped? Probably because of cash parties. Crazy, crazy, cash parties.

Story 4 - Fan made Sonic game looks amazing. A fan-made Sonic game with updated graphics looks incredible. We just hope Sega doesn't bring down the ban hammer before we can try out the demo later this week.

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