The Sensitive Episode


The Sensitive Episode

Alex would have put down Hachiko the patient dog. Kevin tops the ultimate wedding proposal. A sexy woman moons your IP. Who drinks a $1000 beer?

What did Kevin and Alex talk about?

They shoulda put Hachiko down? Alex doesn't quite get the why the Japanese love The Dog Who Waited For His Owner Everyday For 11 Years

3D Studio Max, a knife, foam core and a gallery = Genius.

Can you top the The Most Unique Wedding Proposal You'll Ever See. (Plus find out how Alex and Kevin plan to propose. Someday. Maybe. If they ever propose to anybody.

Sexy is in the ear of the beholder: Want to hear sexy women moan your IP?

The World's 3 Most Expensive Beers

The Software Awards Scam

This episode of Diggnation is brought to you by WarHawk for the PS3

Diggnation Live in London, 7:30PM October 3rd... FREE!

Kevin's speaking at the Future of Web Apps Expo, so Kevin and Alex will tape Diggnation live at the Expo, deep in the heart of London at 7:30 PM Wednesday, October 3rd. You can the show free at the ExCel Center main auditorium.