Back in LA


Back in LA

Diggnation goes HD. NBC dumps iTunes. Palm kills Foleo. Sony edits Wikipedia. Apple cuts iPhone price. ROGUE Digg Pictures page. C&C Freeware! Revision3 is hiring. DRAUGHTKEG of Heineken: Kevin and Alex kill it.

Diggnation is now in HD!!!

Members can stream the HD flash version of the show starting 7PM (Pacific) and/or download all the standard def versions.

Everyone can download a Quicktime HD version of the show, along with all the SD versions, starting at 12:01 AM Sunday morning. It's perfect: close the bar Saturday night, and the HD version of Diggnation will be waiting. At least if you're in the right time zone: some of you will be getting it just in time for lunch.

Revision3 needs a Web Application Developer, Director of Business Development and Distribution, and lots and lots of Interns. Check for the latest Job Openings at Revision3.

Revision3, "the leader in professionally produced Internet television," is the company that brings you Diggnation's beloved two dudes on a couch.

Sony edits Wikipedia, downplaying Halo 3's graphics. Or at least somebody at Sony's Liverpoole offices. Digg it.

NBC to End iTunes Sales of Its Shows Digg it

Palm Kills Foleo. Yes, it's true! Digg it

The ROGUE Digg Pictures page! It only took a single user 7 hours! Digg it

Geeky Wedding Cakes ROFL COPTER Digg it

Original Command and Conquer released as freeware. Nice 12th anniversary present for C&C fans! Digg it

Apple Cuts iPhone Price to $399. Digg it

That was a 5-liter Heineken DRAUGHTKEG that Kevin and Alex polished off. Must have been the Popular Mechanics article on how the DRAUGHTKEG works. This wasn't a paid endorsement.

Don't forget: Diggnation will be recorded live in London at the Future of Web Apps, Wednesday, October 3rd, 7:30 GMT.

A quick shout out to Aubrey Sabala from and Liam Lynch (Lynchland!) tching and contributing.