Kevin's Big Announcement


Kevin's Big Announcement

Alex and Kevin are on the hunt for new HDTVs. Kevin cracked his iPhone. Leaked Media Defender Emails. Dr. Invents HIV Destroying Enzyme. UF Student Tazered at Kerry Speech. Plus Kevin's "Big Announcement"

Kevin has a huge announcement. A major announcement. A massive announcement.

BTW, Kevin and Alex are looking to upgrade in the HDTV department... Alex's got a big thing for Sony's Bravia line.

Leaked Media Defender e-mails reveal secret government project? More like Ars Technica writes a great title about a Media Defender LE project with the New York Attorney General's Office. Media Defender is a darling of the RIAA that specializes in disrupting P2P use by seeding fake files, running DOS attacks, and, well, download the 700MB of email and you'll learn a lot more.

Kevin and Alex aren't pissed about Apple dropping the price on the iPhone, iPhone, but both are stoked that Apple's offering a $100 store credit to folks that bought early.

Viral video wrecks another career: a Google video posting of WBKO TV's Weather man caught on TV playing with boob, was made from a tape shot years earlier and stolen by a former station employee. Videotape is forever, and a videotape titled "Breast Milk Donors," well, don't leave it lying around.

Hopefully you've seen the new Digg Profiles, Kevin says they "make it easy for you to share your favorite stories and discover new interesting content by seeing what your friends are digging" and that "it's also even easier to find and add friends on Digg." There's a walkthrough video of some fave new features on the Digg blog.

Google's PowerPoint App, Presentation, goes live. The fine folks at downloadsquad have a list of what it has and doesn't have, such as animations, versioning, collaboration, sound and video support.

Doc develops enzyme that can destroy HIV, according to the IBN Article, Dr. Indrani Sarkar's PhD thesis "has thrown open the doors for developing enzymes that can destroy the dreaded Human Immuno-deficiency Virus." In three months.

Speaking of disturbing video online, Diggers went heavy on UF Student Tasered at John Kerry Speech a home movie posted on YouTube of a young man "that rushed into a Kerry Q&A session with multiple cops in tow." It sounds like the audience is clapping for the cops yanking the dude away from the microphone... but things turn ugly long before the kid yells "Don't taze me bro."

Did we mention Kevin Rose's big announcement? Is it the sale of Digg? He's moving to Alaska to herd goats? He's getting married? Running for Congress on an anti-DRM platform?

Uh, no. Kevin no longer owns a desktop computer. Yeah, Alex and the crew off camera weren't that impressed either, but Kevin's had a desktop his whole life, at least for gaming. OK, maybe he'll still need a PC for gaming... but, you know, it felt like a big deal for Kevin.