Days of Wine and Pigeons


Days of Wine and Pigeons

Wine Library TV: What wine goes with Pizza? Metorite Sickness, Sleeping Pills (Kevin and Alex are going to London!), Soviet Doomsday Device, Steal Office 2007, Pigeons vs. Sprinkler.

A dude, a couch, a video camera and access to lots of alcohol? No, it's not Diggnation. It's Gary Vaynerchuk, who hosts the most excellent podcast from Wine Library TV five days a week. The latest episode answers the question "What wine goes with pizza?"

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village: Locals complain of vomiting, headaches and dizziness, no radiation has been detected. Digg this story.

Sleeping pills aren't funny. Unless you're Kevin and Alex, and you're thinking about sleeping thru the long ass flight to London from California. Remember, they're taping live in London at the Future of Web Apps Wednesday, October 3rd between 7:30 and 8:30!

Who needs Dr. Strangelove? Soviet Doomsday Device Still Armed and Ready. It's been running since 1985. On some prime vintage Soviet computer hardware. At least there's a human override. Sort of. Digg this story.

No need for ice. Coca Cola is readying self chilling soft drinks. Is anybody working on the self chilling six pack? Digg this story.

Speaking of excuses to travel to Europe on the corporate teat, er, we mean opportunities for professional development, LeWeb3 takes place in Paris,

Thanks to the fine folks at Cracked, we now have an official list of 5 Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do. "You Can Blow Up Shit At Will -- With Hacking" is only number five... Digg this story.

Good news for those student loans. Microsoft says College student can steal Office 2007. Not that any college students would steal. It's really a monster discount on the MS Office Ultimate 2007. Digg this story.

Possibly the best non-violent Pigeon video ever recorded: Motion Activated Sprinkler vs Pigeons. Digg it.