Live from London! Standing Room Only

Halo 3 Sales Records. Let Apple Know You Want 3rd Party Apps On The iPhone. YouTube Adding 30 Second Ads -- not exactly. Amazon Launches DRM-Free Music Store. Kevin pays nothing for new Radiohead album. Alex says Pigeon tastes just like... pigeon.

"This is insane." "This is ridiculous." ... The audience in London was so loud they nearly blew Alex and Kevin over the back side of the couch. It's Alex's first time in London... "Dude, I've been eating food at the Standard Indian Restaurant." He's been eating, pigeon, too.. apparently it tastes just like pigeon.

Totally Rad Show guys are there.. thanks to Peter, who paid their fare to London. Winelibrary.TV is in the house...

"I am drunk, I will tell emotional shit. That is why people drink. Men drink so they can share their feelings. Women drink so they can feel the guy they're with is more attractive. It's science." Alex.

The first story? Oh! Nope. Party foul delays he start of the stories... the shots delay the start... we're in the UK, it's like snake piss... they squeeze fairies and make shots."

What exactly "Tastes likeMary Poppins" Kevin?

Halo 3 Shatters One Day Sale Records... we're assuming it made $170 million, not $170, by the way. Kevin hasn't played Halo 3 yet, but Alex has finished it and says, "The graphics are way better every 5 minutes..." in between is all Halo 2 bushes. dig this story.

YouTube Adding 30-Second Ads ... (crowd boos) ... actually, the story has been corrected. YouTube is doing overlays, text ads on top of the video. 'Cmon, everybody knew YouTube was going to get ads some day. Especially once Google bought 'em. Digg this story.

Tide ads shouldn't interrupt emotional Halo3 trailers!

Her name is Danica Patrick, Kevin. Yes, she is cute. No, Alex isn't going to let you out of the whole man banging conversation.

The crowd exploded when this story came up: Let Apple know that you want 3rd party apps for the iPhone Alex loves the idea of flooding Apple w/ requests for 3rd party app cooperation... especially since there's no GPS for google maps (so annoying)... as Alex says, the 3rd party applications kill the stuff that's on the phone. And then there's the whole ridiculous 99 cent ring tone thing. They both still love the phone, tho. Digg this story.

Kevin has iPhone hookup tips for the Londoners. Not cracking it and moving it to another carrier. No, Alex and Kevin say you could almost pull the ladies with it for the first week in the US. Alex says those days are over in the US.

50 cents for every text message? Alex is gonna have a rough phone bill this month. Especially if Producer Prager keeps sending Alex text messages that consist of the letter K. That was an expensive consonant. And he does it again, live. Are we finally seeing Alex lose it?

Amazon Launches DRM-Free MP3 Store. (It's not in the UK yet, which makes the crowd boo.) Kevin has nothing but love for Amazon's new service and says it has more DRM free songs than iTunes... you don't pay per song, but by the length of the song. Kevin is stoked. Digg this story.

Something from the F*cked Up files. Boy survives two hour flight to Moscow hanging on to plane wing. How did this 15 year old kid get on the wing of the plane? How did he hang on? Congrats to the boy: it takes a lot of determination to do that. Digg this story.

Something from the Weird files: Yes, this Lizard is real, alive and not stoned. It's a lizard chilling on a little lizard sized chaise lounge (not a duvet). Apparently six months of training went into this. Digg this story.

New Radiohead Album, In Rainbows, is Pay What You Think It's Worth. Kevin says he paid $0.00, and the crowd starts booing. Stop! If it's good, Kevin's gonna go back and give them $15. Digg this story.