If London's Calling...


If London's Calling...

Bling gold plated MacBook Pros, Invisible Cloaks, Naked Natalie Portman, Sexy Polish Barbers, Pink is the new Google, HaloDS for real and the awesome new Microsoft Zune.

On the banks of the River Thames, under the roar of jets passing by, the guys are still in London and its been quite the adventure of teas, English breakfast foods, hangovers and culinary tourist traps involving pigeons.

The idea of a Gold Plated MacBook Pro did not impress Kevin, although Alex thinks it would raise Kevin's rep. Digg This Story.

Alex struggles with the concept of caring about The World's First Invisibility Cloak while Kevin struggles with the science, "We're hungover and the explanation goes to the lowest common denominator....but how fun would it be to have an invisibility cloak?" Digg This Story.

FINALLY! Natalie Portman gets naked on screen in the The Hotel Chevalier! But Alex debunks the hype. He's seen it and can confirm that you don't see any of the "Good stuff" Not even any Amazon.com. But everyone is a fan of Natalie Portman, no matter how shaved her head is. Digg This Story.

How many times do you get your haircut? Well, how many times would go if your Barber Shop was like this ALMOST Not Safe for Work one in Poland? The staff is made up of hot girls in lingerie. Not bad, too bad Kevin doesn't think it will last, like the bikini car washes in Las Vegas that went under quickly. Digg This Story.

The strangest story of the day award goes to "This is why Google isn't pink". While pink is nice and some people like it, Kevin prefers the "power saving" black Google, Which Jay points out it was proven wrong. Digg This Story.

Did you not believe that story about a version of Halo for the NintendoDS? Well, The truth comes out, as we see video proof of Halo on a NintendoDS, and it is awesome. The guys love these sort of leaks of games that were never released, but question the legality of leaked footage and...heroin. Digg This Story.

Alex is stoked to hear about the new models of the Microsoft Zune! The new models support more file types, podcasts and wireless syncing (something that iPods lack), unlimited file sharing with friends and improved Media Center integration. Plus they're giving old Zunes the new software, which is something Apple would never do. Even Kevin can admit that these are pretty awesome. Digg This Story.

This week's e-mail: I truly enjoy your show and am proud to say that I've been watching since episode #1. I was watching episode #117 and heard you guys talking about the mystery illness apparently caused by a meteorite in Peru. I made a trip to Peru last summer and took a picture with my Diggnation shirt on top of the famous city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Thankfully no meteorite crashed while I was there. Hope you enjoy. -Jack

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