Captain America and the Russian Mob


Captain America and the Russian Mob

iPhone SDK in 2008, Russian spammer murdered, Halo 3 vs movies, ancient flying vehicles, PUNCHED!, Kevin Rose and Captain America, Terrifying foods

The guys are back in the US and on Kevin's couch, sipping wine. Specifically a Roshambo Zinfandel 2005 for which Kevin impresses Alex with his wine knowledge, brought to him with a little bit of help from Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV, who is always on-call.

Steve Jobs posted the news on Apple's website that the iPhone SDK will be released in February 2008. While this is good news, it seems a little bit like back pedaling. But the real issue with the iPhone is the speed of the internet connectivity with the Edge network. Alex wonders what type of control and restrictions Apple will put on applications. But, Kevin points out that it is a step in a right direction. Digg This Story

Some disturbing news as a Russian Viagra spammer was found murdered. The spammer was reported to be responsible for 30% of all viagra spam and ads online, it looks as if the Russian Mafia may have been involved, which always scares Alex. While spamming is bad, Kevin thinks there should be a 'Robin Hood" of spammers who spams advice and helps the little guy. Digg This Story

Alex can't believe that Film executives are blaming Halo 3 for poor movie ticket sales. Apparently, The Heartbreak Kid tanked in the box office because everyone was supposedly at home playing Halo 3, which seems a bit hard to believe. Alex thinks they're passing the buck away from bad movies to blaming video games which is a cop out. Digg This Story

They've found hieroglyphics that may prove ancient civilizations may have had flying vehicles. While the pics compare the hieroglyphics to vehicles from Star Wars and our civilization, Alex finds it hard to believe and is probably just a bunch of mummies with sticks, although there is definitely a spaceship in there. Digg This Story

This video of a SNL Digital Short: People Getting Punched Just Before Eating, is really funny - but Alex doesn't think it comes close to the Lazy Sunday video. Digg This Story

When discussing how Kevin was a computer nerd and not into movies growing up, Alex defends his nerd rep by pointing out that he too, was on the BBSes back in the day, which leads to reminiscing about just how hard it was to download porn before the internet, when you'd have to wait 30 minutes to download a 72k image over dial-up connections.

Did you see the Kevin Rose in new Captain America comic? The cover of Captain America: The Chosen #6 features a figure that looks like Kevin, wearing a Diggnation shirt. Mitch Breitweiser, the artist said he wanted to put Alex on the cover, but he couldn't in good conscience because he's a Windows user. But even without Alex, this is pretty mind blowing. Digg This Story

The 6 most terrifying foods in the world completely disgust Alex and Kevin. While an extremely well written article, there's nothing either of the guys would ever eat. Kevin wants to know, "Why the larva?" Everyone thinks that Gary from Wine Library TV should try the Baby Mouse Wine, which features dead baby mice in it. Digg This Story

E-Mail: Chris from the UK writes in to share a pic from a Jason Donovan book signing, where there was a guy in a Diggnation t-shirt in the background.

Derek sends an email telling of 2 Jack Daniel's girls who wanted a pic with him because of the Diggnation shirt he was wearing.

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