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Turn off that iPhone, Death Star Flaw, Girls Kissing Monkeys, Increase your IQ, Frugal Gift Ideas, 30 Year Laptop Battery and a new Earth

Its back to SF and back to beers as Kevin and Alex tell about their massage experiences in Japan. And it's not what you think.

An unexpected problem with the iPhone as a Clueless flight attendant tells a passenger to "Turn off that iPhone movie NOW!". Alex thinks it may have been less about the iPhone and more about the passenger not respecting the flight attendant, which leads Kevin to tell us about his flight back from London and a tale of ice cream, glass and swallowing quarters. Digg This Story

Family Guy gives us the reason behind the flaw in the Death Star and neither Kevin nor Alex have seen it and they're ashamed because they both love Family Guy. Digg This Story

Kevin thinks this clip of a girl being tricked into kissing a monkey is a little freaky. Especially when the girls get into it and start giving a little tongue. Digg This Story

Want to increase your IQ? Check out this list to find out how. Apparently playing strategy based computer games is an easy way to make yourself smarter. Alex recommends playing Portal which is a smart puzzle game in a first person shooter. Even watching "The Weakest Link" can increase your IQ by 6 points. Who knew? Digg This Story

Kevin likes to provide the audience with tips and advice, and this week he present to us 30 Frugal Gift Ideas to Show You Appreciate Someone. "Some of the best gifts are the ones that aren't alot of money," says Kevin who thinks this list is a great way to give someone a nice gift. Digg This Story

Imagine having a laptop battery that runs for 30 years. Kevin doesn't want to. At all. Apparently keeping the laptop on your lap, you're endangering your baby making ability. But regardless of that, this type of laptop battery is so far off in the future, we'll never see it in laptops as we know them now. Alex dismisses this just another sensationalist headline about theoretical things that aren't actual products. Kevin thinks there's an opportunity for a good Web 2.1 site that tracks product announcements and when they actually come out, like the proposed 30 year tie rack that holds 30 years worth of ties. Digg This Story

Unbelievably, we've found our next home as scientists have found a second Earth, 20 light years away. It's a little bigger than our Earth, a little closer to its sun; a year is only 13 earth days. Its temperature ranges from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, which Alex scoffs at, but despite that, he's very excited for Earth 2, or Galactahome as Kevin named it. Digg This Story


Ben writes in to tell us of how he spreads the Diggnation love while working on a set of a movie that he's working on by wearing his shirt.

James from London writes in to tell us what's actually in a traditional English breakfast.

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