Trent Reznor's Halloween Spectacular


Trent Reznor's Halloween Spectacular

Skull cake, Trent Reznor, Halloween costumes to piss people off, Google Phone, Nintendo Friend Codes, HD Military Simulator, Zombie Apocalypse

It's Halloween and Kevin and Alex have gotten into the spirit of things. Listen as Alex bitches about flying up to SF to do the show and Kevin brags about his apartment. Convincing costumes to say the least. Unfortunately it sounds like it was a calm Halloween for everyone.

This week, they're drinking beer from the Diggnation Beer Club, thanks to our partner, the Clubs of America and you can join in on the fun by going to and register and get the beers that Kevin and Alex drink every week! Once you sign up, you'll receive 12 bottles of beer a month to enjoy while watching Diggnation. Go sign up today! You must be 21 or older and a resident of the U.S.

Looking for some ideas for your next birthday cake? How about a cake like this? Would you eat it? Kevin would, because at the end of the day, it's just a cake. But for Alex, his initial reaction is that it's a bit too disgusting. Kevin points out that in some cultures, monkey brains are a delicacy. Digg This Story

Trent Reznor and Saul Williams are mourning the demise of OiNK. Saul Williams is a hip hop artist who's being produced by Trent Reznor and is going to be releasing his next album completely digital, like Radiohead just did, for which Kevin totally overpaid because he didn't notice the exchange rates between dollars and British pounds. Alex has a candid question for everyone, "Is it okay to not pay for an album and download it, even if you enjoy it?" Kevin doesn't think so, he thinks that if after listening to an album and you enjoy it, donating is a great way to pay back for your enjoyment. He'd even pay more than the normal price because he enjoys it. Kevin actually prefers the approach Trent Reznor took with his last record, by streaming it online for free and then allowing you to go buy the record if you like it after listening online. Trent Reznor, by the way, paid $5,000 for the Radiohead album to help support the idea. Reznor had an account at OiNK, which was a file sharing website that was shut down, because it was a great source for music in all formats. Reznor also give his thoughts on iTunes and Amazon's MP3 service. Digg This Story

Trent Reznor: do you watch Diggnation? E-mail us at and use the subject line: "I am Trent Reznor" thanks.

In the spirit of Halloween, we give you the 8 Halloween costumes sure to piss people off. Some of these are pretty obviously disturbing, like Bin Laden and Anna Nicole Smith with vomit on her chest. Kevin and Alex disagree about Borat costumes though, that's still funny. Digg This Story

The news of the Google Cell Phone is starting to come out and Kevin has some thoughts about that the scenarios for the phone and how Google may be integrated into the cell phone world. Does any discussion of cellphones not evolve into talking about the iPhone? Of course not. Alex and Kevin talk about how they've hacked their iPhones and the challenges of hacking after the latest update. But back to the Google Phone, it doesn't sound like its anything extraordinary, other than the rumor that it will be distributed for free. Digg This Story

Have a Nintendo Wii? Well the news broke that friends codes are here to stay and there are no plans for a hard drive. This drives Alex nuts because he can't believe gamers like the friends codes, but Kevin points out that this came from the Nintendo internal PR, and probably doesn't reflect the opinions of real gamers. Kevin guesses that in a few months, he wouldn't be surprised if friends codes are gone. Digg This Story

Now THIS is HD! A military simulator uses High Definition screens to immerse a you in a virtual reality. Kevin says, "this is the best VRIi thing I've ever seen!" Digg This Story

Just in time for Halloween, science gives us 5 reasons how a Zombie apocalypse can happen! Scientific examples of ways humans can turn into Zombies, like brain parasites and neurotoxins. All of these possible afflictions freak Kevin out. Digg This Story


Jolene writes in to tell us to share the Diggnation Pumpkins that she and her boyfriend Jimmy made.

Joshua asks where did Kevin get that kickass MIT t-shirt? He got it at MIT, surprisingly enough.

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