Ruining Kevin's Couch


Ruining Kevin's Couch

Get laid in 1977, 160 billion dollar typo, woman gets stabbed by hitchhiker, geeky weddings, Radiohead sells 1.2 million, Human race to split into 2 species, wi-fi for digital cameras

The show gets off to a rocky start, as there is another beer accident on Kevin's couch and Alex's crotch. The beer spilled came from the new Diggnation Beer Club, thanks to our partners, Clubs of America. If you want to drink the exact beers we're drinking on Diggnation, then join the Diggnation Beer Club. Every month, you'll have 12 beers shipped right to your door. That's 3 bottles of 4 different beers every month. You Must be 21 or older and they ship only within the US. Join the club at

Kevin got a haircut, and it's short. So short, that he and Alex aren't quite sure whether or not it's good. So we want to hear your opinion! Be sure to vote in the poll above and weigh in on what you think of his haircut.

After another beer spill, the conversation turns to cologne. What colognes work, what ones are lame, and what ones do women like? So again, we need to hear from you. Ladies, please email us at and use the Subject Line: "This Cologne Does It!" to let us know what colognes you prefer men to use.

Turning back the clock, here is how to get laid in 1977. After seeing some of the male fashions from 1977, we're introduced to the term "Mansicle." Which leads to the underwear history of the guys, and the evolution from tightie-whities to boxers to "boy shorts" or boxer-briefs. Digg This Story

The 160 Billion Dollar Typo tells the story of how Google got it's name, and how someone misspelled Googol, when registering the domain name for Ironically, the guy who made the typo and named the company now works at Microsoft. Digg This Story

This week's disturbing story is the one about a woman who got stabbed by a hitchhiker that she picked up and then tried to be intimate with him. Turns out she had a bit of a "surprise" that caused the hitch hiking guy to stab her. Truly disturbing for many reasons and leads to Kevin and Alex trying to understand the motives of all involved. Digg This Story

Alternatively, these pics of geeky weddings provide a peek into the celebration of love amongst geeks. Couple with computers, knights, pirates, super heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek themed weddings seem to be quite popular among the geeks. Digg This Story

With an update on the discussion from last week, Radiohead is reporting they've sold 1.2 million copies of their album that is available online and costs whatever you want to pay for it. Digg This Story

The human race will one day split into two different species, so says a scientist, who Alex thinks is a little wacky. Digg This Story

Add wi-fi to any digital camera by using the Eye-Fi SD Card to make sending your photos to Flickr and syncing with your computer easier. It's a little bit of a pain to setup, but once it's setup and working, it's great. Digg This Story


Richard writes in with a tale of nighttime attacks by cats, except his cat weighs 27 pounds!

A fan from the UK writes in with a name for Earth 2 - "Galacticshack"

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