Beware of Herpes


Beware of Herpes

Xbox 360 in Japan, Rabbit avoids death, Star Wars in one pic, Downloadable Xbox games, Circuit City scandal, Peter Griffin lives!, Blu-Ray DRM cracked

They're back where it all began, on Alex's couch in LA and they're enjoying beers from the Diggnation Beer Club. Thanks to our partners, Clubs of America, you can drink the exact beers Kevin and Alex drink on Diggnation. Join the club and every month, you'll have 12 beers shipped right to your door. You must be 21 or older and they only ship within the US. And, the beer club makes for a great holiday gift!

It seems unlikely, but the Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in Japan. It's shocking to see how close the sales are between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation3, but in Japan, the Wii dominates. Alex argues that the Wii isn't a next generation console though. Kevin thinks that having fun is the most important and he has fun with his Wii, and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Digg This Story

Watch as a rabbit avoids death by a hawk. Alex wonders if the rabbit got eaten in the 46th second after the clip ended. He also says how he's glad that humans don't have any predators who can kill us at any given moment. But Kevin points out how we have worse things to worry about, like poverty, starvation, AIDS and other diseases. This leads to Kevin trying to figure out the various types of Herpes and it all goes downhill from there. Kids, please pay attention during sex ed in school! Digg This Story

Check out The Entire Star Wars Saga in One Picture. All 6 movies are merged together into one picture that evolves the characters across the pic. This leads to the guys wondering if the new Star Wars TV show is going to be any good. Digg This Story

The news that the XBOX 360 will get downloadable original XBOX games blew Alex away. One of the games that will be available is the original Halo, which is great because no one really has it anymore, because they traded them in. Kevin really likes the Wii downloadable games because they're games that he used to love on old Nintendo consoles, but wonders if there are any original XBox games like that. Cell Damage is one such game that blew them away when the XBox came out. Digg This Story

Some wrong advertising lead to Circuit City refusing to honor a deal for Call of Duty 4. This news completely outrages Alex. It may have been a misprint or mistake, but the ad is still out there and they're not honoring it. Digg This Story

This pic proves that Peter Griffin Lives! Kevin says that this guy has got the best Halloween costume. Digg This Story

Proof that Blu-ray's DRM can be cracked, which levels the playing field between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. They're both crackable, but Alex wonders if anyone even really cares and still does that. Ultimately, nothing is not crackable, which this proves. Digg This Story


The response to the question about cologne in the last episode yielded a huge response from the ladies. they were shocked by the response from the female audience. So thank you ladies! Here are some highlights:

Lindsay wrote in to say that the cologne that does it for her is Chrome.

Shannon agreed with Alex about Axe body spray.

Jesse writes in from Georgia to suggest a Japanese cologne and SeanJohn from Puff Daddy.

Anna chimed in to recommend Salvatore Ferragamo's cologne.

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