Goth Kids and the Olive Garden


Goth Kids and the Olive Garden

Busted on Facebook, Real Life Akira Motorcycle, Lose a Race, Dude - you're getting a Dell kid FOUND, Squirrel Playing Dead, Creative Beggar, Zombie Attack in Ancient Egypt

It's still hot in LA and they're enjoying beers from the Diggnation Beer Club. Thanks to our partners, Clubs of America, you can drink the exact beers Kevin and Alex drink on Diggnation. Join the club and every month, you'll have 12 beers shipped right to your door. You must be 21 or older and they only ship within the US. And, the beer club makes for a great holiday gift!

Be careful when you call in sick, you can end up like this bank intern who got busted on Facebook. The highlight of this story is a tie between the e-mail exchange where the guy's boss busts him and the guy's fairy wand in the photo that busted him. Digg This Story

Alex is inspired by the electric bike that looks like the bike from Akira. Not only does it look cool, but it's electric and goes fast. But, it's also cheap! It's more of a scooter, but it's something that Kevin and Alex really think it's cool. Digg This Story

How to lose a race in 30 seconds. This video shows a cocky guy celebrating winning a car race before he actually finishes and it blows up in his face. Digg This Story

Remember the kid from the "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" commercials? Where is he these days? Well he's a waiter Alex points out this is a little sad, but is the problem with being an actor and doing commercials. This kid got a cush gig as Dell's spokesperson until he got busted smoking pot. Kevin thinks that he looks pretty happy, probably because he's stoned. Digg This Story

This leads to some stories from Kevin from his days working at the Olive Garden and an ethical discussion over the practice of "dine-n-ditch".

Alex is shocked at the quality of the stories on the show these days, as they watch a video of a squirrel playing dead. Digg This Story

Here's a pic of the most creative beggar ever. Alex compares this to the beggar with a sign saying he "needs bud," but thought it meant he needed Budweiser and not...something else more organic. Kevin thinks the beggars in San Francisco are some of the most creative in the country. Digg This Story

Proof of a zombie attack in ancient egypt leaves Kevin skeptical and Alex scared as zombies are one of two things that scare him. Digg This Story


Guadalupe writes in to clarify some mexican food ingredients.

Natasha sends in a video for the guys to enjoy.

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