Caffeine Makes Kevin Rose Jittery


Caffeine Makes Kevin Rose Jittery

Digg Images Launch, Gamespot Review Scandal, Open Source Hardware Gifts, DivX/XvID Playback on XBox 360, Conan O'Brien, Topless Women Playing Wii, Evel Knievel Dead

Things look a little different, as Kevin Rose has moved his couch around his apartment, but it's still the same apartment in San Francisco. Although, as Alex Albrecht points out, Kevin's TV now looks smaller in the new room layout.

The guys are still drinking beers from the Diggnation Beer Club. Today Alex is drinking Nutfield Old Man Ale and Kevin opens up the Vanilla Java Porter beer and says that it's "DAMN good"

Thanks to our partners, Clubs of America, you can drink the exact beers Kevin and Alex drink on Diggnation. Join the club and every month, you'll have 12 beers shipped right to your door. You must be 21 or older and they only ship within the US. And, the beer club makes for a great holiday gift! Diggnation Beer Club.

Alex tells about the good time he had co-hosting Attack of the Show on G4.

It's finally here! Digg Images and New Categories have launched! Kevin explains how the new features work and how images have been implemented as well as improvements to the category structures on Digg This Story

Alex wants to talk about the breaking news around the Gamespot/Gerstmann Issue that's revealing the lack of journalistic integrity in video game journalism. A negative review of the video game Kane & Lynch by EIDOS leads to the firing of the reviewer and the negative reviews are replaced by positive reviews. Alex wonders if you'd EVER go back to Kevin points out that he goes to Metacritic for all his video game reviews because it gives an aggregate and explains his experience with reviewing games and hardware back on The Screen Savers and how shady some dealings were, but it never changed their reviews or opinions of products. Digg This Story

Need Christmas gift ideas? Check out the Open Source Hardware Gift Guide. These gifts are great for someone into electronics. They're affordable and cool. Some highlights are the mini menorah, a Do It Yourself MP3 player and the Digg button. Digg This Story

Alex has been waiting for this for a very long time, the Almost Perfect DivX/XvID Playback on XBox 360! After waiting a very long time, the latest XBox 360 update includes new games, classic XBox games, broken out video and game strores. But the big update is to the codecs, which now allows the ability to play DivX and XvID files. Digg This Story

In very cool news, Conan O'Brien pays the salaries of 80 people on his show. There are a lot of people who aren't writers who are out of work due to the writer's strike. In a very cool move, Conan O'Brien is playing the salaries for 80 people who work on his show who are out of work. Kevin thinks that the writers demands are reasonable. Digg This Story

Alex brings the very important news story of 12 clips of topless, greased up women playing the Nintendo Wii Alex doesn't know what is, but this was the smartest thing they could have ever done. Kevin explains how easy it is to produce a video like this, which raises suspicion from Alex about whether or not Kevin is involved in this. It's just a gimmick to get people to come to the site, but it works! The guys brainstorm how to have topless girls come on to Diggnation and do something technical. But the Wii thing has been done, which is the best one to do. Kevin couldn't bring himself to subscribe to a magazine called "Nuts" though. Digg This Story

A sad story, Evel Knievel Dead at 69. The first comment on Digg is "Rest in peace, you crazy f#$ker" which pretty much sums it up. Digg This Story


Jessica writes in that she loves the guys and subscribed to the beer club.

Kevin emailed about the clips of Alex playing the guitar.

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