Pimps and E-Readers


Pimps and E-Readers

Crysis = Graphics Card Killer, Human Treeman, She's Cute, But is She Worth it?, Amazon Kindle vs. Sony e-Reader, NFL Football Removes Free Broadcasts, Best Snoop Dog Video Ever, Top 5 Historical Pimps

No messing around this week as the guy are in SF and drinking beers from the Diggnation Beer Club. Thanks to our partners, Clubs of America, you can drink the exact beers Kevin and Alex drink on Diggnation. Join the club and every month, you'll have 12 beers shipped right to your door. You must be 21 or older and they only ship within the US. And, the beer club makes for a great holiday gift!

To kick things off, they guys talk about how Crysis=Graphics Card Killer. Kevin is a huge fan of Far Cry, so he bought Crysis and it looked like Lego Wars meets Wolfenstein 3D. It was really bad. So bad that he went to Falcon Northwest and got a badass machine, just to play Crysis. This game is forcing people to push their systems and upgrade their hardware. Digg This Story.

We can't make this up, as a Human ' Treeman ' begs for help as he turns into a tree. This story blew Alex away as he can't believe how much the guy looks like an Int from Lord of the Rings. Kevin points out that some girls may be into that look. Digg This Story.

The next story asks the question, "She's Cute, But is She Worth It?" as it shows a pic of a guy and a girl on a ledge, high above the ground. Alex wouldn't try this at all, while Kevin would do it in a second. Although, Kevin questions the validity of the pic, it looks too set up to be real. Digg This Story.

It's the battle of e-Readers as the Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader: Sizemodo and Interface Comparison takes a look at the two leading e-Reader devices. Alex explains how he doesn't really want to read books off of a screen, but once he saw the Amazon Kindle that Kevin has, he was converted. Kevin points out that there has been a lot of criticism of the Amazon device, and there are some flaws like the buttons and interface design. But despite those flaws, he loves it. In looking at the Sony e-Reader, it looks as if it has a better interface, but without a keyboard and the wireless access. Digg This Story.

Are you a big football fan? Well you may be concerned with this story about how the NFL is trying to "Enrich Themselves" by removing free broadcasts. Kevin argues that the NFL needs to be able to make the games available to anyone who wants to pay, or as Alex argues with advertisements. But by putting games only on he NFL Network only, they're shutting out people who want to watch the games. Digg This Story.

Kevin has always been a fan of Snoop Dogg and was psyched to hear that Snoop Dogg has created the greatest music video of all time for his song "Sensual Seduction." After seeing this video, you have to admit that Snoop Dogg is a pimp. Digg This Story.

Speaking of pimps, we take a look at the Top 5 Pimping-est Historical Figures. People like Ghengis Khan and Napoleon made the list by analyzing their interest in bling and women. Digg This Story

A friend of the show, LaLa from TikiBarTV has launched a 2008 calendar, which you can find at TheLaLaStore.com.


Kevin reads an email challenging his reaction to the story about the Transsexual from episode 123 and questions the presence of homophobia.

Adam writes in to share how awesome he thinks Diggnation in HD is.

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