Low Batteries


Low Batteries

Gisele in a Water Dress, Spider Mech, Man Carves Path in Mountain, Zero Punctuation Guitar Hero III Review, Judge Judy and eBay Scammer, Wheelbarrow Race Move, Crazy Russian Photos, Boobies for Diggnation

Kevin and Alex are mixing things up with the 130th episode of Diggnation, and Kevin reveals that he's taken a $100 bet to not drink for the entire month of January. Will he be able to do it? Watch and find out. If he does fail at the bet, it will be from drinking a beer from the Diggnation Beer Club. Thanks to our partners, Clubs of America, you can drink the exact beers Kevin and Alex drink on Diggnation. Join the club and every month, you'll have 12 beers shipped right to your door. You must be 21 or older and they only ship within the US.

We've seen the hope for fashion in the future and it's Gisele Wearing A Water Dress. The photo is safe for work, which annoys Alex, but the picture is basically Giselle naked, covered in digital water. This is the sort of photo that makes Alex want to be a photographer. Digg This Story

Kevin found the fact that Rednecks Built a Spider Mech very interesting because it proves that rednecks can build anything. Digg This Story

This romantic story about a Man who Carved his Wife a 6,000 Stair Path in Mountain comes from China. Kevin thinks that it's either a great love story, or a dude who wants to get away from his wife for a little bit. Digg This Story

The best video game review ever is the Zero Punctuation review of Guitar Hero III Kevin just got into Guitar Hero and now Kevin loves Slayer. Alex points out that he has to try Rock Band now. Digg This Story

Alex is a "fan" of Judge Judy and enjoyed watching an eBay scammer on the show. The discussion turns uncomfortable as Alex reveals how far he'd go with Judge Judy, given the opportunity. Digg This Story

Kevin knows that everyone needs to do a wheelbarrow race sooner or later, and this sweet move can help you win. Digg This Story.

There is an online community in Russia that stages photos to tell a story which yields this bizarre pic. Alex thinks this is crazy! There are 10 photos of people re-creating these staged photos including a man hanging out of a window and a waiter coming out of a trash shute. Digg This Story


Sarah writes in with the offer to use her "assets" to promote Diggnation, with pictures of her chest before and after implants. Also Kevin and Alex lend their help to end her relationship.

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