Alcohol Free in the New Year


Alcohol Free in the New Year

The Digg Song!, 100 Things We Didn't Know, World Record Motorcycle Jump, Hardest Video Game Ever, Cop Tasers Himself, Solar Energy Has Arrived, Your Best Defense Against Crossbow Attacks

It's the first Diggnation of the new year, and we're back at Kevin's in San Francisco. Alex and Kevin had a great holidays filled with presents and travel.

It's also the first Diggnation of the alcohol free January. Kevin and Alex are taking a month off from drinking and instead, Kevin is drinking some really exotic chinese tea called pua tu cha, that was bought at Whole Foods for about $12. Conversely, Alex is drinking black coffee.

In one of the coolest stories, it's The Digg song!. An entry in a contest to get a music video on the super bowl and get a recording contract on Interscope, Kina Grannis recorded a video for her song "Gotta Digg" which is really freaking cool. Digg This Story.

Looking back on 2007, the BBC presents 100 Things We Didn't Know. Full of interesting facts that we didn't know until just recently. Digg This Story.

On New Year's Eve, Robbie Maddison made a World Record Motorcycle Jump. The jump itself is insane. It reminds Kevin of Danny Way, who jumped the great wall of China on skateboard. As much as they would want to, Kevin and Alex probably could never try anything crazy like that. Digg This Story.

A Japanese mod of Super Mario Brothers may be the hardest game ever? Alex wants to know where he can get this game and give it a try. if you have it or know, email us at and attach the ROM file...if it's legal. Digg This Story.

This clips is a little funny as a Cop Accidentally Tasers Himself While Arresting Suspect. 2007 was really the year of the taser as there were a lot of instances or people being hit with them. Kevin explains the difference between a taser and a stun gun as he tells the story of when he was hit with a stun gun. Digg This Story

In great news for the environment, at $1 per Watt, the iTunes of Solar Energy Has Arrived. Solar energy has always been expensive, but now a company has released an affordable solution for solar energy, which Kevin and Alex would both do in an instant if they owned their homes. Digg This Story.

This video may be in Russian, but it shows how an Asus Monitor is your best defense against crossbow attacks. A bizarre stress test of an Asus monitor as they try to hammer a nail into it and then shoot it with a crossbow. The monitor never breaks, but Kevin doesn't believe it. He wants Asus to send a monitor that we can test on. Digg This Story


Matthew writes in that Kevin's photo was used on a World of Warcraft gold buying website.

Manu emails about making Zune Pancakes - pancakes in the shape of the Zune logo.

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