Digg that Souljah weather girl


Digg that Souljah weather girl

Things Men Wish Women Knew, Dancing Weather Girl, Laughably Misleading Ads, 9 Year Old Beats Guitar Hero on EXPERT, Blue Angels, Hello Kitty Contact Lenses, Trippiest Simpsons Art Ever

Is it February yet? Alex and Kevin continue their sobriety madness, with not-so-exotic drinks. The boys cozy up to a cup of a Theraflu-like liquid, and good old fashioned H20 in this second sober episode of 2008. Needless to say, they miss beer and it's social lubrication. A lot.

At the top of the discussion this episode...women! In a Mens Health article with nearly three thousand diggs, guys share what they wish their gals knew. Alex and Kevin admit they love a girl who wears layers, buttons, and...sports a Brazilian wax? What they don't like: penciled in eyebrows, too much makeup, and an indecisive chick. Take note, ladies! Digg this story.

Speaking of qualities that bode well with the fellas, Diggnation gives kudos to this Jersey girl who busts the Souljah Boy dance in the middle of her weather report. She has the right stuff, and unlike the Naked News, this girl is hot with her clothes intact. Kevin predicts that dancing anchors may be the wave of future news programming. Digg this story.

The 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads actually turns out to have some useful items after all. Just kidding. The MagneScribe pen, Handy Peel, and the Easy Toothbrush are pretty lame. Who thought brushing your teeth could be hard? Then there is My Lil' Reminder. Marketing people, don't put Lil' in the beginning of your product name unless it relates to Lil' Kim, Lil' Bow Wow, or any other rapper. Digg this story.

One thing that is "Lil'" and rocks hard is this 9-year-old kid who beat the most difficult Guitar Hero song on expert. Alex and Kevin agree that if their progeny could be as rad as that kid, they could die happy people. Digg this story.

In a video taken at Fleet Week in SF, the Blue Angels 5 make an *extremely* low transonic pass, which leads to an argument between the guys over the cone of vapor when a jet breaks the sound barrier. Digg this story.

Contact lenses seem to be losing their momentum since horn-rimmed specs have become more fashionable (thanks to every emo kid on the planet). To combat this movement, the Hello Kitty folks have created Hello Kitty contact lenses. Kevin and Alex imagine looking into a chicks eyes, only to find the adored cat from Asia (creepy indeed). Hello Kitty seems to also be moving into menswear. Will Kevin buy a Hello Kitty sweatshirt? Digg this story.

Another cartoon which won't be coming to a contact lens near you--the Simpsons. Artist Spacecoyote on deviantART created a drawing of the Simpson universe, which showed a stylized version of everyone's favorite cartoon family. Alex and Kevin find it to be pretty rad! Digg this story.


Alex and Kevin peep a Diggnation fan Jake's girlfriend sporting a Diggnation shirt while she's taking a jog...with a beer. Is it February yet?

Matthew goes behind bars in his Diggnation "mob" shirt, which prompts Kevin and Alex to ponder whether a Diggnation gang is in order.

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