Still Flying Sober


Still Flying Sober

MacBook Air, Blu-Ray Victory, Carmen Electra Without Make-Up, Pioneer Kuro, Radiohead Top Selling CD, Amazing Tennis Serve, Gizmodo Banned from CES

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It's 16 days in with no drinking, and Alex finds it to be pretty boring, but he's grinding in World of Warcraft like crazy. Kevin has been playing a lot of Rock Band and guitar Hero but hasn't been dating as much. But the one thing everyone can agree is that they feel better and healthier than ever and are losing weight, so the affects are somewhat positive.

You know you've been waiting to hear the guys' reaction to the New Apple MacBook Air. Kevin thinks its amazing and Alex thinks its almost too thin, but its definitely sexy looking. Kevin also provides the breakdown on all the news from MacWorld including the AppleTV updates which make podcast watching even better. Digg This Story

Right before CES, some announcements about Warner Brothers and Blu-Ray has led to Blu-ray supporters smelling victory. HD-DVD took a huge hit with this, enough for Kevin to think the High Definition disc war is over. Digg This Story

A photo of Carmen Electra without make up leads someone to say, "I had no idea Carmen Electra was this pretty..." Kevin was surprised at how positive the comments on the digg post were, even though he has a hard time finding an example. Digg This Story

If you like new tv's, then you'll be impressed by how the Pioneer's concept Kuro kicks currents Kuro's ass! This new tv has such a dark black, you can't tell when its on or off. It's amazing when it comes to comparing it to existing televsions. Digg This Story

After the pay your own price experiment, Radiohead is now the top-selling CD in the US! Once the new Radiohead CD came into stores, it shot to the top of the charts leads people to believe that the experiment worked. Digg This Story

This one may be inaccurate, but it's worth checking out, an amazing tennis serve. It may be fake and might have been a commercial, but regardless, Alex thinks its worth watching. It reminds Kevin of a funny video for a fake Powerthirst drink. Digg This Story

This might be inaccurate as well, but it's been reported that Gizmodo has been officially banned from CES. After walking around CES with a TV-B-Gone device, Gizmodo brought havoc to booths and presentations at CES, by turning off televisions. Everyone can agree that ruining someone's demonstration just isn't cool. Digg This Story


James writes in that he was upset that Diggnation wasn't at MacWorld. Unfortunately, we never confirmed that we'd be doing a show and are sorry that you made the trip for it. We'll announce it when we're doing a live show.

Like: February 20th in St. Louis! Stay tuned for details!

Kelly emails the guys to chime in on the topic of Brazilian waxing and how painful it is.

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