Dreaming of the Super Bowl


Dreaming of the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Fantasies, Open Letter to Sci-Fi, Kickflip a Surfboard, Creepy Ads, Cat Suit of Armor, WTF Kids Ride, Survive a 500 foot fall, Counterfeit $100 Bills

We're in the home stretch as Kevin and Alex are in San Francisco and on the last sober Diggnation of the month of January. It seems as if they've made it, but they're lucky they're not going to the super bowl, because there would be some drinking going on there.

What if they went to the Super Bowl? What if there were ribs and girls in lingerie? That would be pretty bad ass. You can have your own Diggnation super bowl party with:

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Entertainment Weekly sends anAn Open Letter to the Sci-Fi Channel pleading for it to be better. Alex agrees with a lot of the points in the article, especially about Flash Gordon, which wasn't very good. If they did more shows like Battlestar Galactica, then they'd be much better. Alex challenges Sci-Fi to make some great new programming, preferably shot in LA. Digg This Story

Can You Kick Flip a Surfboard? Then you may be able to win $10,000 if you can video tape yourself doing it. It looks doable, but Kevin is skeptical if anyone can. Digg This Story

This leads to Kevin complaining about the video quality at YouTube, pointing out how great the quality of the video over at Vimeo. It's free and they've got High Definition quality video and Kevin is a big fan.

Alex finds the next story hysterical, with the10 Creepiest Old Ads. There are some great anti-STD ads, and some inappropriately worded ads. Digg This Story

And this story is one of Kevin's top dugg stories of all time: Your Cat Wants a Full Suit of Armor Photos of real armor for cats and mice and it's awesome. Digg This Story

The title says it all on this one: WTF Was the Designer of This Ride Thinking? These poor children who were subjected to this ride where Donald Duck stares directly at the crotches of the kids riding it. Alex is shocked at the design of this ride. Even Kevin is disturbed. Digg This Story

A modern day miracle, the tale ofHow to survive a 500 foot fall as experienced by a Ecuadorian man. The math of figuring out how many stories 500 feet is makes Alex's brain hurt. Digg This Story

A fascinating story as Mysterious $100 counterfeit bills appear across world. They're called "super notes" and they're almost impossible to tell that they're fake. In fake they're so good, they're considered genuine, but printed illegally. This leads to some hypothetical reminiscing of Kevin and Alex's counterfeiting days. Digg This Story

Don't forget, if you're in the St. Louis area, there will be a live show on February 20th. Stay tuned for details!


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