World of Diggnation


World of Diggnation

Pownce Launches, Johnny Johnny is a Hero, Revision3 on Virgin America, EA hates Fox News, Cheeseburger in a Can, World of Warcraft hits 10 million, Facebook Apps on any Website

Kevin and Alex have braved the non-stop rain in Los Angeles to record the show this week. They've got a few more days of not drinking, but Alex has a confession which shocks Kevin. Alex counters that Kevin may be the one who should be disqualified.

In Kevin Rose related news,Pownce Launches!. This story was submitted by Ariel, who is on Pownce and also has a blog at But about the story, Pownce was invite-only for a long time but now it's open to everyone. So go sign up today! And while you're there friend Kevin - and Alex - Digg This Story

This is one of the weirdest stories in a while, Johnny Johnny from Tiki Bar TV saves a woman's life in New York City. In an amazing story of heroism, Johnny Johnny (actually Kevin Gamble) leapt onto subway tracks to save a woman who fell down off the platform. Truly amazing and heroic! If there was a Diggnation medal, we'd give it to Kevin Gamble. Digg This Story

In some cool Revision3 news,Diggnation and Revision3 shows to be shown on Virgin America. We're very excited to see Revision3 shows on Virgin America flights along with BoingBoingTV and other great programs. Digg This Story

Gaming news bring us the battle between EA and Fox News regarding their comments about Mass Effect. After hearing about this, Kevin says "I hate fox news." This is just an example of more shoddy news from Fox News Digg This Story

Some bizarre news in technology as the world finally has a Chesseburger in a can. Upon seeing it, Alex points out that no way the burger in the picture came from the can. Both Kevin and Alex think they'd try it, but then correct themselves, that they wouldn't. Digg This Story

In news close to Alex's heart, World of Warcraft hits 10 million subscribers. Despite that, Kevin still can't justify the time suck. Alex points out the development of virtual sex workers and virtual beggars in World of Warcraft. Totally weird. Digg This Story

In good news for Social Networking, Facebook opens up their apps to any website. Kevin talks about how this is a good thing for the Internet and leads to quite a discussion between Kevin and Alex. Head over to if you want to read more about it. Digg This Story

Save the date! If you're in the St. Louis area, there will be a live show on February 20th. Stay tuned for details!


E.G warns that St. Louis is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

GranMom Vickii sends in a pic of Diggnation fan Adam and his new son, Brody

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