Sometimes Alex Gets Bored


Sometimes Alex Gets Bored

Geeky Home Theaters, F Planet Earth, Man Hides Castle, Rambo, Crazy Airport, Explosive Skateboarding, Clean Your Computer Screen

Check out the details on the live Diggnation taping in St. Louis on February 20th!

This week was meant to be the week Kevin and Alex hit the beers again, but Alex has been feeling under the weather, and when Alex doesn't drink, Kevin doesn't drink. So we're kicking it sober again this week, but not to worry, next week will be filled with beer.

If you're a geek, and home theater is your thing, then you have to check out these 10 Ultra Geeky Home Cinemas. Kevin is skeptical at first but then admits that if he could afford a home cinema, he'd give it a cool theme as would Alex too.
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Are you a fan of the BBC/Discovery show Planet Earth? Then you have check this video out, which wonders what animals are really saying in Planet Earth, the F Bomb Edition.
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In odd news from the UK, a farmer, built, lived in but hid a castle behind a pile of hay. This is a fascinating story that has got Kevin and Alex amazed.
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With the release of the new Rambo movie, we learn why John Rambo is the baddest man to appear in film. Alex saw the new Rambo and encourages Kevin, and you to go see it as it's a blast.
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We've seen some crazy airplane related stuff, but this pic of the scariest airport ever is something to be amazed by. Alex didn't really think the photo was too scary, but watching a plane land and take off the short runway and its proximity to cliffs made him freak out.
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Kevin submitted this to Digg because he thought the video of Explosive Skateboarding in Slow Motion was totally bad ass.
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Is your computer screen dirty? Then try this screen cleaner! Digg This Story

Save the date! If you're in the St. Louis area, there will be a live show on February 20th. Stay tuned for details!


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