Edward Cold Hands


Edward Cold Hands

iPhone Clone, Netflix Picks Blu-Ray, Collapsible Bike, Spore Release Date, Yahoo Rejects Microsoft, Writer's Strike is Over, Cop Vs. Skateboarder

To celebrate the fact that Kevin and Alex are drinking again, they're playing Edward 40 Hands, where 40 ounce bottles of beer are duct taped to your hand and you cannot take them off until you finish drinking the 40. Needless to say, it makes using a laptop challenging.

Check out the details on the live Diggnation taping in St. Louis on February 20th!

For the first story, Kevin says to "Say hello to the Hi Phone!". The first 99% complete iPhone clone. It's got a bunch of amazing features, which leads Alex to ask what the downside is? It looks like it will feel crappy though.
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Another hit against HD-DVD as Netflix Picks Blu-Ray. This is crushing news to Kevin because he picked the wrong format. Alex doesn't understand why Netflix can't stock both. Kevin thinks this is good news because he wants the war to be over.
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Kevn submitted the next story, a look at aa really good collapsible bike. It looks like a pretty good option for an urban environment and is the best collapsing bike Kevin has ever seen.
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In great video games news, Spore release date announced. This game is the highly anticipated game from Wil Wright, the creator of SimCity. Kevin saw the game play during a demo of Spore at SXSW. The demo from a year ago was even cool to see, so the game must be awesome when it finally comes out.
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The hot tech topic of recent date has been around the Microsoft takeover bid of Yahoo. The story took an interesting turn as Yahoo rejects Microsoft's takeover offer. Kevin's thoughts that the initial merger would be a huge culture clash, but he thinks that Yahoo's rejection is play for more money. Kevin has been digging Yahoo Live a lot. You can check out his live feed at live.yahoo.com/kevinrose
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The Writer's Strike is OVER! The writers got some of what they were demanding, but had to make a few compromises.
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This is crazy: Baltimore cop vs. 14 year old skateboarder. Digg This Story


Rob writes in about how he met another Diggnation fan while hiking the Grand Canyon.

Cody writes in asking about Diggnation on the Science Channel.

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