A Couch In St. Louis

Dubai Architecture, Rejected Star Wars Promotional Crap, Dell Salesman Goes Insane, Do You Dress Like a Douchebag?, Recharge Your iPod with your Shirt, Elmo Live, 50% of all BitTorrent is TV shows.

Recorded on the couch of the hotel in St. Louis, Kevin and Alex are drinking some fantastic tea from Adagio. Head over to adagio.com/diggnation to find out how you can buy your very own Diggnation tea flavors. And a special for the Diggnation audience, get 5% off your order when you order from adagio.com/diggnation

Dubai Architecture is nuts.. Because there is such a surge in construction, they have 15% of the world's cranes. Kevin doesn't quite understand who goes to Dubai.
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Some genius products - Rejected Star Wars Promotional Crap. Alex is a little sad that these don't exist, as he'd love a Han Frozen in Carbonite mini-fridge. The best concept of them all is the Death Star grill.
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This leaked recording of a Dell Call Center Salesman Going Insane makes Alex giggle, even though this could be a fake phone call, but even though it's done really well.
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In some urgent news, we find out if You dress like a douchebag?. Alex appreciates that it's a flow chart. While they guys aren't currently dressed like a douchebag, Kevin does like to wear stripes, which makes him a douchebag. Tragic.
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Some very cool tech news as someone has invented a way to recharge your ipod with your shirt Oddly enough, Kevin kinda had a dream about a similar use of technology.
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With some funky moves, it's the First Video of Elmo Live, Singing and Dancing. This blew Kevin's mind, despite the creepy guy in the background. Digg This Story

In some impressive stats, 50% Of All BitTorrent Downloads are TV-Shows. Kevin and Alex discuss how downloading TV shows via BitTorrent just makes sense.
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Brian writes in from Afghanistan that despite the slow internet connection, he's able to download the show

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