Say It Ain't So, Favre

How Not to Firebomb a Night Club, New Nine Inch Nails Record, Google Gives Voicemail to the Homeless, Top 10 Barely Legal Gadgets, US Soldier Throws Puppy, iPhone Stopwatch hits 1,000, Brett Favre Retires

Coming to you from Las Vegas this week at Kevin's sister's house with her dog, Bella, the Lit'l Digg'r.

If you live in Amsterdam, don't miss the live taping at thenextweb conference. the taping will be free to the public on Thursday, April 3rd at 7:00pm

If you were curious how to fire bomb a night club, this video showsHow">">How NOT to Firebomb a Night Club.
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In another bold music move, the New Nine Inch Nails Record Available for download now, DRM free. Alex tries to diss the album as music for people on drugs, Kevin bets its pretty good.
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The fact that Google gives the Homeless free voicemail blows Alex's mind. By giving out phone numbers and voicemail to the homeless, it can help them get a job or a home. Very charitable of Google.
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In some cool product news, the Top 10 Barely Legal Gadgets for the Modern Spy, including a laser and x-ray goggles.
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The video of a US Soldier Throwing a Puppy off a Cliff caused some commotion on the Diggnation set in terms of deciding what stories to talk about on Diggnation.
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The question, "What If the iPhone Stopwatch Hit 1000 Hours?" is answered with this video and it's a bit anti-climatic
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And the most depressing story of the year, Brett Favre tells the Packers that he's retiring. Kevin is inconsolable over this news.
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David from the Netherlands writes in asking about cost of attending the Amsterdam taping - it's FREE!

Breanna sends in a video of her LED lights displaying DIGGNATION

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