Furniture: Transform!

Garfield Minus Garfield, Plants Twitter, Add Room to Your Apartment, Fail Dogs, Transforming Furniture, 9 Signs to Not Hire a Web Designer, 12 Year Old Magneto

If you live in Amsterdam, don't miss the live taping at thenextweb conference. the taping will be free to the public on Thurrsday, April 3rd at 7:00pm

One of the most genius things ever,Garfield Minus Garfield. By removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, we get a sad portrait of Jon Arbuckle.
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A very cool mod, Have your Plants Twitter You When They Need Water from the folks at Make magazine.
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Some pics of great ways toAdd Additional Room to your Apartment. It looks shaky, but the inside of it is huge and could make any apartment much bigger. It might not be legal, but worth a try.
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The next meme to challenge LOLCats, Fail Dogs. Celebrating dogs failing at their lives.
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Why isTransforming Furniture so alluring?These pics show more examples of transforming furniture that astound the senses.
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If you're looking for a web designer, here are 9 Signs You Shouldn't Hire THAT Web Designer. Kevin agrees with all of these points 100%.
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This poor 12 year old Magneto kid breaks every computer he touches, proves the fact that some people just break computers by touching them.
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Jamal writes in to share his story of getting shocked by his iPhone.

Kyle checks in with a memory from Alex's childhood.

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