iPhone Rumor Du Jour


iPhone Rumor Du Jour

No Blu-Ray for XBox 360, Reznor makes 1.6 million, Firefox 3 Eats Less Memory, Google Sky, RIAA Sets 750 Per Song, Intel Releasing 6 Cores, Reporter Gets Owned and Kevin's latest iPhone Rumor

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In puzzling news, Microsoft says no to Blu-Ray in the XBox 360. Kevin thinks this absolutely sucks, but Alex isn't surprised. But still, why not make a Blu-Ray add on?
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This is a big deal, as Reznor clears 1.6 million for Ghosts. This is great news for music distribution, which leads to a discussion about the music industry.
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In web browser news, Firefox 3 eats less memory than IE and Opera
. Kevin is enjoying the increase in speed on the new version of Firefox. Digg This Story

If Google Maps isn't enough for you, try Google Sky. Kevin wonders if this is useful for anyone though, although Prager is into it.
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In the RIAA trial, Kazaa downloads cost a man $750 per song. It cost him $23k in total, which is a little scary.
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Oh come on, Intel! Intel releasing 6 core processors this year. . Kevin thinks its too much, that we can't even use the cores we have now!
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Kevin's heard some more rumors about the next iPhone.

Now for some humor,Reporter gets owned by sled ,
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Ed sends a pic of him and his son watching Diggnation

James writes in with some advice about his satellite TV dish on his roof

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