Huge Diggnation Announcement


Huge Diggnation Announcement

World of Warcraft Virgin, Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Screenshots, If Mario Was Real, Who Owns the Organic Companies, Solar Powered Building, Laptop Skins, Star Wars Sweded

If you live in Amsterdam, don't miss the live taping at thenextweb conference. the taping will be free to the public on Thursday, April 3rd at 7:00pm - We want to blow the walls off of Amsterdam

There is some exciting news about the future of Diggnation and it's new network...

Don't forget to pick up your Diggnation teas at Adagio

Any story about World of Warcraft is close to Alex's heart, and this screenshot asking about your virginity is especially amusing.
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This video game news has Kevin excited, Awesome New Red Alert 3 Screens Revealed. The new version of Command and Conquer has Kevin psyched.
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Super creepy image that shows If Mario was real, Mario rendered realistically
. This creeps Alex out, a lot. Digg This Story

This stunning bit of news shows, Who Owns All The Organic Companies. You'll be surprised at who actually owns the organic food companies.
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In some neat construction news, in Dubai, of course, this Stunning Solar Building to Generate More Power Than It Needs.
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Eyecandy: Laptop Sleeves, Skins and Stickers . A collection of laptops that have been skinned to look pretty cool.
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Some cinematic brilliance, Star Wars (Sweded): A cardboard hope , inspired by the movie Be Kind , Rewind, we get this version of Star Wars, sweded.
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Arthur writes in with some pics from the Wisest Wizard drinking game

James emails arguing about 99.9 uptime

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