A Hotel Room in Amsterdam


A Hotel Room in Amsterdam

Xbox 360 Moron, Nerd Holds A Woman, Firefox 3 In June, Lala from Tiki Bar TV gets clean, Neighbors Stealing Your WiFi, SEO Design Rap, Circuit City Does $12000 Of Damage to New Car.

Live Events in SF:
Ad-Tech -- a digital marketing event happening at San Francisco's Moscone Center on April 17th. The closing keynote is Ask a Ninja's Kent Nichols, Jeff Macpherson of Tiki Bar TV, Martin Sargent and Kevin Rose from Revision3.

Then, on Wednesday April 30th, its Diggnation live from Mighty in San Francisco. Our first live SF show in almost 2 years.

Check out the Interactive Version of this episode on VideoClix.tv

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are hanging out in the hotel before the Live Show in Amsterdam.

Some idiot steals an xbox and the power of the internet brings justice to all!
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Kevin and Alex reminisce about the good ol days of computer class in high school.
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The final release of Firefox 3 is shipping in June!
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The beautiful Lala of Tiki Bar TV gets clean and makes everybody drool.
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Are your neighbors stealing your WiFi without your permission? Learn how to have some fun with them and turn their broswers upside down.
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A Graphic Designer/Rapper lets us know the truth about SEO in this video.
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Circuit city screwed this guy when he just wanted a new navigation system installed.
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Katie writes in about her great experience with Kevin's Mintastic Tea from Adagio.

Paul writes in to let Kevin and Alex know how great Magic Hat #9 Beer is.

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