Our Lip Dub is Better Than Yours


Our Lip Dub is Better Than Yours

Twitter Saves Berkeley Student in Jail, Breakthrough at Stonehenge, Revision3 Lip Dub, Drug Could Cure Alzheimer's, Facebook Addict, "V" Remake Aiming For Theaters, Amazing Oh S#$t Moments.

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A Berkeley student got arrested in Egypt and let his firends know by using twitter. It might be the first important use of twitter ever.
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Archaeologists may have discovered the true origin of Stonehenge.
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Kevin and Alex think that the Rev3 Lip Dub is a little old for them... but just watch and see.
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Doctors think that they have a treatment to cure Alzheimer's in just a few minutes.
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A young lady slept with over 50 men who she met through Facebook.
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Alex is super excited that the sci-fi series "V" will be coming to a movie theater near you in the future.
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These pics are amazing and make you say "Oh Sh*&!"
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Jake emails in to ask how Kevin gets his permanent Five o'clock shadow.
Thomas from France sends us an awesome picture!


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