Live in San Francisco

Build a Spy GPS Tracking System, Man Stabbed while buying GTAIV, Metallica Now Embraces File Sharing, Radiohead turns down US trip, 3G iPhone on June 9th, Pirate Bay has 12 million users, Penis Theft on the Rise.

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are in front of a live audience at Mighty in San Francisco. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Be sure to add Kevin and Alex on Twitter. Alex is going to give out a special prize...

Ever wanted to track someone? This open source GPS system lets you create a tracking system.
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This is one unlucky guy who got">">got stabbed while waiting to get his copy of Grand Theft Auto 4.
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Metallica has pulled a fast one and they appear to support file-sharing.
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Analysts are saying that the 3G iphone is coming on June 9th.
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The Pirate Bay has an amazing 12 Million Bittorrent users.
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Radiohead have decided not to travel to the U.S. because of their concerns of Global Warming.
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Black Magic Sorcerers are apparently stealing and shrinking penises.
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Chris sent us a sweet t-shirt shot from The Coliseum in Rome.
Denise writes in about Episode 146 and her thoughts on Canada.

Again, huge props and thanks to GameVee for hosting our live San Francisco show. If you haven't already been there, Gamevee is a social user submitted gameplay video community with features for gamers to share and promote their videos, connect, and discuss.

Before the taping of the show today, we faced off against each other on the PS3 playing Call of Duty 4. You can find all of that footage on our profiles at right now. Friend us on to find our videos along with thousands of other great gameplay videos. My username is alexalbrecht -- and mine is kevinrose.

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