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Twitter Virtualization, Britain's Got Talent, 50 Ways to Use Bacon, Realistic Bowser, Awesome Baseball Save, Mutant Black Squirrels, Crazy Artist Dangles

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Diggnation is coming to New York! Mark Your Calendars for June 4th.
Location: Studio B (

Twitter virtualization is pretty hard to do properly, but these guys figured it out.
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Don't forget to follow us on twitter. Alex is giving away his Xbox 360 after he has 20,000 followers.

Britain's got talent and can apparently dance like Michael Jackson as well.
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Who doesn't love bacon? This is a list of 50 ways to use bacon.
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What if Bowser was real? This is what he would look like.
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What an awesome pitcher!
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If you're in England, better watch out for these freaky squirrels that are taking over the squirrel world.
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This artist is both crazy and awesome at the same time.
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Pat writes in about doing a live Diggnation on the east coast but Kevin and Alex are one step ahead of him.
Stacy sent us the best family diggnation photos ever.
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