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Angry Television Reporters, Mario Kart for Adults, Staring into Jessica Alba's eyes, Food Portion Size, McLovin's Anti-Piracy PSA, Farmer missing sheep find giant snake, NIN gives away new album

There is going to be a Live Show in New York City on June 4th!
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These reporters really go wild in this clip.
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Do you think that Mario Kart should be rated for adults? This guy does.
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Apparently, Jessica Alba loves to have staring contests.
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Check out this comparison of food portion size, 20 years ago vs. today.
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McLovin really doesn't want you to steal his movies.
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This farmer was confused why his sheep went missing. Then he found this.
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Nine Inch Nails is giving away their latest album for free!
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Lindsay writes in asking Kevin about teas.
Rachel emails in about drinks and beer on the show.

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Thousands of enforcement agencies are participating in this campaign to increase seat belt use and reduce fatalities across the nation.
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