Kevin and Alex Discuss Their Future & Water Bullets

Geeks on Roller Coasters, Don't Throw Paper Clips at Your Co-Worker, iSight Busts Thieves, Stressful Life of Japanese Reporter, Little Kid Vs. Tuba Player, MUTO: Wall Painted Animation, Pac-Man Explained

There is going to be a Live Show in New York City on June 4th!
More details here.

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Fans of XKCD will appreciate these photos of people playing chess on roller coasters
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If you're interested in the iPhone themes, you can get them at:
Totally Rad Show

This has to be seen to be believed, MUTO the coolest animation ever.
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Justice gets served as a victim of a stolen MacBookuses back to my mac and the iSight camera to bust the thieves who stole her computer.
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Check out this stressful life of a Japanese news reporter. Poor guy.
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This marching band performance gets interrupted and the tuba player deals with it.
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Real or fake?" target="_blank">Don't throw paper clips at your co-worker.
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The facts that you've been waiting over 20 years for: Pac-Man">"target="_blank">Pac-Man Explained
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Aaron is coming to San Francisco for the first time and wants some advice.
Paul writes in to brag about his kitten.

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