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Top 10 Firefox Features, Best Parking Apology Note, Heat Sensitive Wallpaper, Xbox Server, Hackers Can Blow You Up, Weezers New Music Video, New MP3 Changes How You Listen to Music.

There is going to be a Live Show in New York City on June 4th!
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Mozilla just released Release Candidate 1 of Firefox 3 and these are the reasons to download it.
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Parking can really be a pain in the city, but apology notes make it so much more fun.
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This wallpaper is just truly amazing.
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Original Xboxes are great for running a server. Just make sure people know its a server and not a game console.
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Apparently the computer you are using is a live bomb and can blow you and your family up.
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Weezer made an awesome video with all of the internet stars in it. Well, almost all of them. Looks like Weezer forgot our two favorite guys on a couch.
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A new audio file format lets you tweak the levels of individual instruments.
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Microsoft Zune is the only single digital entertainment brand that delivers an all-in-one experience for consumers – a portable device, an online music store with subscription and DRM-free MP3s and a music community, Zune Social.
Zune Social is an online music community for people to explore, discover and share music.
At the center of the Zune Social is the Zune Card, a free, customizable snapshot of the music you’re currently playing on your Zune and with the Zune software on your computer.
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Microsoft unified Communications
You can transition to VoIP with a software solution and still get all the benefits of Unified Communications without having to rip and replace any hardware, like your PBX. Now, not every company knows about this technology and some IT guys are going to extreme lengths to protect their hardware. Go to and check out this video from Microsoft and see how far one man, Dan, is willing to go to prevent his PBX from being ripped and replaced. You've heard of people protesting outside corporations, find out what happens when the protest goes indoors.