Do Kevin and Alex use Condoms?


Do Kevin and Alex use Condoms?

Man Takes Golf Ball to Stomach, iPhone 3G True Price, Employees Quit Jobs because of Blocked Facebook, Top Gear is coming to NBC, Google Developing ISP Throttling Detector, Funniest Father's Day Ad, Firefox 3 Released

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You have got to be one stupid person to"target="_blank">take a golf ball to the stomach."target="_blank">Digg This Story

The iPhone 3G was announced with a low price tag but the"target="_blank">true price was later revealed."target="_blank">Digg This Story

Young Employees are apparently quitting their jobs because they"target="_blank">cannot access facebook and other sites at work."target="_blank">Digg This Story

The extremely popular "Top Gear" is"target="_blank">coming to NBC!"target="_blank">Digg This Story

Google is going to develop and distribute an"target="_blank">ISP Throttling Detector so that you know when your internet is being monkeyed by ISPs."target="_blank">Digg This Story

This might just be the most clever"target="_blank">Father's Day ad you have ever seen"target="_blank">Digg This Story

Firefox 3 has a"target="_blank">release date which was this last Tuesday. Congrats to Mozilla."target="_blank">Digg This Story

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Mark writes in complaining about the audio quality at live shows.
Erin wants viewers to email in if they want to date her.

Microsoft Unified Communication
They have put together a trailer for their VoIP software solution, that's included at the end of this week's show. Find out what happens when a company man named Dan takes a stand against unnecessary hardware. So be sure to check it out"target="_blank">here.

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