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Super Deadly Knife, Bugs that Excrete Petrol, Secret Scavenger hunt in Apartment, German War Machine, BMW Shape Shifting Car, Bug in Mouth Brings out Street in Reporter, Jack Sparrow in Photoshop

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Knife fights are pretty dangerous as it is, but this knife is just plain scary.
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Gas prices might just stop rising with the help of some little bugs.
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How cool would it be if you found a hidden scavenger hunt inside of your new apartment?
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Pretty sure everyone is happy that the Germans didnt have this machine on their side.
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BMW designed one of the most amazing prototypes ever; out of cloth.
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A bug really knows how to bring the street out of the reporter.
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You've got to see this video of Jack Sparrow being recreated in Photoshop.
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Microsoft Unified Communication
They have put together a trailer for their VoIP software solution, that's included at the end of this week's show. Find out what happens when a company man named Dan takes a stand against unnecessary hardware. So be sure to check it out here.
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