Kevin and Alex Take Over Martin's Shed

Kevin and Alex have invaded Martin Sargent's Shed! Watch them discuss these stories: New Radiohead Video with Lasers, iPhone OS 2.0 Unlocked, Apple Customers Insulted by Reporter and they Strike Back, Comcast Ordered to Stop BitTorrent Interference, Brett Favre is mad at the Packers

Radiohead has a new music video out but it was shot with lasers rather than cameras.
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The new iPhone Software has only been out for a week but it has already been jailbroken and unlocked.
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A reporter poked fun at people in line for the iPhone but the customers in line" target="_blank">fought back.
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The FCC has announced that it will order Comcast to stop interfering with BitTorrent traffic.
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Brett Favre is claiming that the Packers are being dishonest about the retirement fiasco.
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