Dance Lessons with Prager

Jaw Dropping Dance Moves, Blogger gets check from HP for declining Vista EULA, New Search Engine: Cuil, Steve Jobs' Life not in Danger, Rumor: Google to buy Digg.

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Kevin and Alex may not have mad dancing skills, but this">"target="_blank">this guy does.
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A very determined blogger got a refund from HP for declining Vista's end user license agreement.
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There was a new Search Engine on the block this week called Cuil.
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All of Apple's shareholders can stop complaining now because Steve jobs doesn't have cancer.
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There is a nice rumor going around that Google is going to buy Digg for around $200 Million.
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Brent sent us in some good 'ol fashioned diggnation pics. Thanks Brent!
Kevin wrote in about Kevin Rose's couch.

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