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75 Things That Every Man Should Do Before He Dies, Fasting, DRM Still Sucks, Read Way Faster, Pilot pulls record-setting 9.6Gs in Red Bull Air Race

Our next live show is coming up! Thanks to our friends at Nvidia, we'll be live from the NVISION conference in San Jose, California on August 26th at 6:30pm. Free for ALL to come to the show! Details on where NVISION is are at

Alex has pretty much done all of the things in Esquire's list of 75 things every man should do before he dies. Kevin has only had a threesome.
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Are we living in a bad dream? Yahoo Music is going dark and .
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While they both might have a little trouble reading after a few beers, Kevin and Alex will soon become astute literary scholars with Spreeder.
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Kevin shows out how to generate plenty of passwords and keep yourself safe with SuperGenPass.
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Down in San Diego, a pilot pulls 9.6 Gs in a slalom race at the Red Bull Air Race.
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Thomas from Argyle, TX sent in a pic of him standing in front of the most luxurious building Dubai has to offer. Ralph might be able to hook the guys up with a Diggnation on or around a B-2 bomber.

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