Live at NVISION 08 in San Jose

LIVE Show from NVISION08 in San Jose! Behind The Scenes: Lots of Sex in the Olympic Village, 15 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped, Pistol Packing Woman Forces Intruder to Call 911, Microsoft Enlists Seinfeld to Battle "Get a Mac" ads, Should Movie Theaters Offer Kid-Free Screenings?

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Live Show in San Jose! We'd like to give huge special thanks to Nvidia for inviting us to come do the show from the first-ever visual computing mega-event, NVISION 2008.

One of the biggest perks of going to the Olympics as an athlete is all of the debauchery to be had in the Olympic Village.
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There are some things in the world that just scream fake, but these pictures are all real.
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An 85 year old woman took charge when a burglar showed up and grabbed her gun.
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Microsoft has hired Jerry Seinfeld to battle Apple's "Get a Mac" ads.
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There has been talk among movie theaters to offer Kid-Free Screenings.
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The Wii Fit Girl sent in some love via a quick video.
Jessie is a Fidel Castro look-a-like and loves Diggnation!

We obviously want to give big thanks again for being able to bring you Diggnation here from Nvidia's NVISION 2008. For those of you under a rock, Nvidia is the leading manufacturer of graphics processor technologies for almost all classes of computers from small mobile devices to workhorse desktop behemoths.
As a leader and pioneer in visual computing, Nvidia created NVISION. It is big and far-reaching enough to have gathered the top visual computing professionals, world-class gamers, innovative artists and designers, and cutting-edge researchers to share their ideas, experiences, and passions. The universe of visual computing in one place, at one time.

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