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Kevin Rose's iPod Rumors, Holy Sh*t Just F*&king Missed Him, iHologram: Incredibly Cool but Useless iPhone App, Marry Me Leslie, Digg Up Please, It's OK Beckham We Understand.

Kevin received a little "tip" from someone about new iPods and what they offer.
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This video is a great demonstration of why you shouldn't play on train tracks.
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iHologram is one of the coolest iPhone apps around but is a little useless.
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It is pretty tough to come up with innovative marriage proposals but Google street view is not a bad idea.
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Even big soccer superstars like David Beckham screw up every once in a while.
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Scott sent us in an awesome video of a 747 getting struck by lightning.
Dayna sent us a list of awesome Crockpot recipes for Alex.

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