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How Digg Works: New Digg Technology Blog, Show Me Your Genitals Pt. 2, One Badass Book Scanner, The 65 MPG Ford that the U.S. Can't Have, Higher and Higher!

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Digg just started two new blogs that take the users behind the scenes at the Digg offices. One of the blogs is about the technology that makes Digg run.
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Quite possibly the worst music video ever...about sex.
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A porno-esque">"target="_blank">porno-esque video of a crazy machine that scans tons of books.
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Ford is producing a 65 mpg car that runs on diesel but won't sell it here in the U.S.
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You know the feeling of wanting to go higher and higher? This fish does.
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Crysis Warhead is a parallel storyline to the original Crysis where Sergeant "Pyscho" Sykes undertakes a secret mission taking him to the other side of the island in pursuit of a North Korean general hell-bent on obtaining powerful technology.
This game has fiercer battles than Crysis with no shortage of explosions and firefights, completely new vehicles, customizable weapons, and versatile nanosuit that allows you to alter your attack strategy on the fly. You can use stealth and ambush your enemy or unleash fire on the jungle with twin sub machine guns blazing and then jump in your armored personnel carrier to speed to the next location.
You’re no longer playing cat and mouse in the jungle. This game is about blowing up that jungle and complete domination. Crysis Warhead is in stores September 18. Preorder your copy on-line now at:

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Hey everybody, some awesome news...we've added a new show, Hak5, to the Revision3 family! If you're not familiar with Hak5 yet, it covers everything from network security, open source software and forensics, to Do It Yourself projects and the homebrew scene. New Hak5 episodes will air every Wednesday at 12 pm Eastern, 9 am Pacific.