Hoppin It Up at Michelob Brewing Company

Freestyle Rap Battle Translated, The Shocking Inside Story that Killed Millions of Xbox 360s, I Fly First Class, Cat Vs. Printer, Microsoft Ads Makes No Sense.

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are at the Michelob Brewery in St. Louis!

Hardcore underground hip hop meets rational debate in a translated rap battle.
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This article is a great read about all of the manufacturing hiccups that the Xbox 360 has had over the years.
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It is hard to believe that some birds fly on the back of other birds.
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Videos with cats are much more exciting when they have explosions.
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The latest Microsoft ads have a lot of people scratching their heads.
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Katherine wrote in to profess her love for the beauty of Hippie Glenn.
Another viewer wrote in about the iHologram being fake

As if you didn't notice, we're here at the brewery in St. Louis where they make all the new Michelob craft beers.  Right before sitting down here to shoot th show, the head brewmaster  gave us a custom tour to teach us about the Michelob Craft beers.  You can check out video from the tour at Michelob.com

This sampler pack is a great way to enjoy a variety of the Michelob craft beers.

This week we are drinking the the Michelob Amberbock

  • Uses an all malt recipe (no adjunct grains) 
  • Uses all imported hops 
  • Offers a very smooth taste 
  • Deep dark color

We'll be drinking a different Michelob craft beer each week over the next 6 weeks so be sure to get a sampler pack and enjoy the beers with us as you watch Diggnation.  Next week we will be drinking Marzen.

For more info on Michelob's craft beers and to check out the behind our behind the scenes brew tour go to Michelob.com

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