Kevin and Alex Buy a Plane

Live Diggnation in London on October 10th!!! iPhone Developers go from Rags to Riches, T-Mobile G1 First Hands On, Heads are Rolling on, Two Guys Pretend to Make Out Behind CNN Reporter, Will Ferrel Answers Questions from Internet Fans.

There is a LIVE Diggnation in London coming up on Friday, October 10th at 7:30 PM.
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The iPhone App store has become a gold mine for developers across the globe.
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The first Google Android-based cellphone was just announced. Can it steal the iPhone's thunder?
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Digg has had some issues with "power users" lately and has began enforcing the TOS!
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This might just be the best news blooper ever.
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Will Ferrel has taken some of his precious time and answered fans questions from the internet.
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Josh sent us some amazing pics of him flying with his lady.

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Michelob Brewing Co. is the Beer sponsor again this week as we make our way through their craft beer sampler pack. Last week we had the Amber Bock. This week we are drinking the Michelob Marzen in honor of Oktoberfest. If you have your sampler pack in front of you now is the time to crack open the Marzen and taste it along with us.

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  • Very smooth and balanced
  • Ideally Michelob Marzen is served in a stein. The website has a tutorial on which glass goes best with each Michelob beer and why.

Be sure to check out the site for more info about Michelob Marzen: Click Here!
There is a ton of great information on the site about how the beers are made and how best to enjoy the different styles. They even offer a tutorial on "How to properly Taste a Beer"

Next week we will be drinking the Michelob Irish Red from the Sampler Pack. Be sure to pick up a sampler pack for yourself and drink along with us.
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