Everybody Loves Cupcakes!

LIVE SHOW in London on October 10th!!! iPhone Cupcakes, Jessica Alba 4 Months after giving birth, Best buy Cancels Your Order as You're There Shouting Stop, Best School Name Ever, Adobe Released Creative Suite 4

Diggnation is coming to London on October 10th! The Live Diggnation is at 7:30PM on Friday October 10th. For more info check out the Revision3 Blog.

Everyone loves cupcakes! Especially iPhone App cupcakes!
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Jessica Alba is looking unbelievably great just four months after giving birth.
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Best Buy has been getting plenty of complaints about customer service but this story is unreal.
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This might just be the best school name. Ever.
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Adobe has just announced the release of the much anticipated Adobe Creative Suite 4.
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Viewer Email
Pete sent us an email about his recent trip through Europe and a Diggnation tee picture.
Jacob sent us a video of him shooting a .50 caliber rifle and it is pretty much amazing.

Michelob Brewing Company
Michelob Brewing Co. is the Beer sponsor again this week as we make our way through their craft beer sampler pack. This week we will be drinking the Michelob Irish Red.

Michelob Irish Red...A classic interpretation of a traditional Irish Red Ale.

  • Uses caramel malt to naturally produce it's signature red color
  • An initial fruity aroma and malt sweetness fades to a clean finish
  • Slightly sweet
  • Very balanced
  • Ideally served out of a Pilsner glass (make sure Kevin and Alex are drinking the Irish Red out of a Pilsner Glass.

Check out the site from more info: http://michelob.com/ExploreIrishRed.aspx

Next week we will be drinking the Michelob Pale Ale from the Sampler Pack. Be sure to pick up a sampler pack for yourself and drink along with us.

Dead Space is EA’s first survival horror video game and an original IP created by a hand-picked team of horror fanatics; it is terrifying game experience that deserves its ‘M’ rating.
To survive in Dead Space, it is all about the strategic dismemberment of your enemies, set in a horrific sci-fi atmosphere.
Explore the gritty bowls of the damaged USG Ishimura, a deep space mining ship, and its amazing zero-g environment while you employ this entirely unique way to blast your way through your enemies.
Dead Space recently won the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2008 for Best Action / Adventure Game, and is in stores October 16th. Preorder your copy on-line now at: http://deadspace.ea.com

Laptop models with Dolby’s PC Entertainment Experience deliver pristine audio performance and surround sound for high-definition entertainment.
Dolby’s PC Entertainment Experience comprises Dolby® Home Theater and Dolby Sound Room® that deliver the same features, performance, and flexibility found in many popular consumer electronics devices.
With Dolby Home Theater, listeners are in the middle of the onscreen action with a cinema-style experience at home or on the go. Featuring powerful and advanced audio technologies, Dolby Home Theater allows listeners to enjoy music, movies, and games in vivid surround sound using two to eight speakers or any set of headphones.
Dolby Sound Room lets listeners enjoy movies, music, and games with an enveloping listening experience. Ideal for environments where using surround sound speakers is not practical, Dolby Sound Room provides stunning personal surround sound from any pair of speakers or any set of headphones.

GoDaddy has been Diggnation's longest running sponsor and now GoDaddy presents the coolest Diggnation contest ever. Win Diggnation in your living room. We'll travel to your house to shoot an episode of Diggnation this fall. From now until October 22, every time you use the code "diggcouch" when you purchase something from Go Daddy you are automatically entered to win. Go Daddy will choose one lucky winner at random.
This fall, we'll travel to the winner's house to shoot an episode of Diggnation in their living room. In addition to entering the contest you also get 10% off your entire order when you use the code "diggcouch" at check out.

You can also enter and see all the details about the contest at www.revision3.com/diggcouch