This week Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are discussing some of the top Digg stories from the past year. Ninja Cat Comes Close While Not Moving, Coolness, You Should Never Ask for Help on the Internet, I Tied a Disposable Camera to a Bench, Strangest eBay Feedback

One of the most dugg videos of the year is Ninja Cat.
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With over thirteen thousand Diggs, we present the popped collar coolness picture of the year.
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One of the main rules of the Internet is to never ask for help on the Internet.
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Some guy/girl tied a disposable camera to a bench and let people take pictures. The resulting pictures are pretty fun.
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Sometimes eBay feedback can become more than just a review.
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Mark sent us some phenomenal pictures of him flying jets and showing some Diggnation love.
Derrick sent us in another Hippie Glenn Netflix Remix.

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