Live from London - Alex Proposes!

LIVE from the 2008 FOWA Expo in London! Gmail Goggles Prevent Drunk Emails, Cow Curiosity Fail [pic], How to Pay Off $14,330 in 20 Months, Apple to Announce New Laptops Next Tuesday, If You Bought $1000 Of Stock A Year Ago.

The largest live audience for Diggnation yet! We're live from London for the 2nd year in a row at The Future of Web Apps. Plus, Hippie Glenn chugs a beer - gasp!

Gmail Goggles Prevents Drunk Emails
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Cow curiousity fail [pic]
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How To Pay Off $14,330 In 20 Months
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Apple to announce new laptops next Tuesday!
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If You Bought $1000 Of Stock A Year Ago
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Canadian Sky driving girl falling for Diggnation

We want to give a huge thanks to Virgin for sponsoring Diggnation and for helping make our time here in London and at FOWA so awesome. Richard Branson, the reason that Virgin exists, has a new Book. "Business Stripped Bare" from Virgin Books. The book is out now worldwide and you can find out all about it at In the book, you'll discover the inside track on Richard's life in business and how he does itas well as find out the incredible truth about his most risky, brilliant and audacious deals. The book covers all aspects of business from the brand, to hiring the best people, to corporate social responsibility, innovation in business and much much more Its great for everyone whether you're an executive, entrepreneur or just striking out Win a signed copy or a Sony E-Reader with a copy of Richard's e-book at

Dead Space
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