Alex's Halloween Arachnophobia

It's Halloween on Diggnation! Stories include Pilot to Shoot Down UFO, Fake Cop Busted, Awkward Wall Design, Giant Spider Eating Bird, Heads in Broccoli." quality="high" scale="noscale" wmode="transparent" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="180" height="352" name="vizu_poll" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" FlashVars="js=false&pid=127219&ad=false&vizu=true&links=true&mainBG=000000&questionText=7fb541&answerZoneBG=EEEEEE&answerItemBG=ffffff&answerText=000000&voteBG=7fb541&voteText=FFFFFF">

Happy Halloween! Kevin and Alex are apparently too shy to go all out with the costumes and do the same as last year -- headwear -- wearing leopard and tiger print headwear.

Before getting into the show, we discuss a little about the economic climate in late 2008 and how it has recently affected Revision3 and how we will continue to thrive.

On to the stories:

US fighter pilot ordered to shoot down UFO - Digg This Story

Fake cop busted after pulling over real cop - Digg This Story

Bad wall design - Digg This Story

Giant spider eats a bird - caught on camera! Alex is a huge arachnophobe - he HATES spiders - Digg This Story

WTF Broccoli Heads - Digg This Story


Over the past several episodes, we've been drinking the beers from the Michelob craft beer sampler pack. The Amber Bock, the Marzen, the Irish Red, the Porter, and the Pale Ale. We kicked it off with a tour at the michelob brewing company where they taught us all about craft beer making --- and i think more importantly all about the beer itself, how to serve it in the right glass, and how to drink it. When you buy the sampler pack it comes with this cool sheet telling you all about the different beers.

Make sure you vote above on your favorite of the beers!

We've been working with Dolby and learning about all their technologies for years. In fact, we shot episode 14 and 163 at Dolby Labs in-house studio.

One thing we always talk about with the Dolby folks is the role that great sound plays in entertainment. According to Craig at Dolby, with HDTV you see the rain. With a great sound system, you reach for your umbrella. But it can be confusing knowing just what to buy, but like everything Dolby, they have a solution.

Dolby prepared a great brochure that's available free as a download. Just go to to get the guide as a PDF.

We have tons of friends and family always asking for advice. It's here. Info on the digital TV transition, a glossary of terms. The things to consider like what is the best HD programming source -- cable, satellite or over-the-air -- even remembering what cables to get! This is cool -- they have a shopping list so you know what to think about. So if you're looking to get an HDTV or home theater set up at home, you have tons of friends looking for advice, visit

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